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NAAK K.O.M Coffee, Ethiopian Blend, Beans

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Limited Edition espresso blend made of Ethiopian coffee, which reveal beautiful notes of dark chocolate and berries. The best way to start your day full of energy or to spice up your Ultra Recovery™ drink.


K.O.M (King Of the Mountain) is a refined coffee blend that is roasted in the purest italian tradition by Barista in Montreal. K.O.M was originally the title given to the best climber in a cycling road race. At Näak, it is the symbol of adventure, challenge and accomplishment.

Why you'll love it

Caffeine boost: Enjoy anytime before, during or after your run.

Improve focus: Caffeine activates areas of your brain and nervous system.

Arabica Ethiopian coffee:. Enjoy it as an espresso or in a latte.


Backed by Science

Näak Ultra Energy™ science was developed to meet the specific needs of ultra distance athletes. The idea is simple: the ingestion of a few macronutrients such as carbohydrates and electrolytes is not enough to fuel ultra distances. After a few hours of effort, you need a complete nutrition approach to go farther.


Used by ultra distance athletes

All our products are developed hand in hand with elite athletes through the Näak Lab. Our mission is to build the most efficient and sustainable fuel for ultra distance sports. Today, thousands of professional and amateur athletes around the world depend on Näak to explore new playgrounds and redefine what is physically possible.

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