Bike Fit

Our dynamic fit involves assessing your position on the bike while in motion. This often includes observing your pedal stroke, body movements and overall cycling posture. Using tools like video analysis and motion capture, our fitter will make real-time adjustments to optimize your position based on your unique biomechanics. This method provides a more comprehensive understanding of how your body interacts with the bike during actual riding conditions, leading to a more accurate and customized fit.


The Key Points for a Dynamic Bike Fit 

  • Real-time Observation: Assess rider position while in motion, considering pedal stroke, body movement and overall cycling posture.
  • Video Analysis: Use video tools to capture and analyze the rider's movements, allowing for detailed observation and adjustments
  • Biomechanics Assessment: Consider the rider's flexibility, joint angles, and individual biomechanics to tailor adjustments for comfort and efficiency
  • On-the-Road Testing: Implement changes during actual riding conditions to ensure optimal fit in real world scenarios
  • Fine-Tunning: Make incremental adjustments to saddle height, position, handlebars, and cleat alignment based on observed dynamics
  • Communication: Maintain open communication with the rider, addressing comfort concerns and feedback during the fitting process
  • Performance Enhancement: Aim to improve both comfort and performance by refining the rider's position for efficiency and reduced risk of injury

Cost: $150+tax

Duration: from 1hr to 2hrs depending on adjustments required

Please contact us to book an appointment @ (506) 858-8451 or [email protected].


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