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Louis Garneau

Louis Garneau LG1 Sports Drink

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Much more than just a thirst quencher! LG1 Sports Drink is a blend of natural sugars from fruit, Vitamin C and extremely concentrated mineral salts that ensure optimal hydration and maximal absorption of carbohydrates for improved performances.


A balanced formula with low amounts of simple sugars and complex carbohydrates to deliver intense and prolonged energy sources while you push your body to new limits.

- An energy hydration recipe offered in 3 flavors, geared to resupply and replenish lost minerals with 2 key electrolytes.

- Available in tubs, but also in convenient pouches. Keep some in the jersey, stuff musettes or anywhere near your gear for a quick grab and run for another great training or race!

- Great-tasting due to its smart mix of quality ingredients well-balanced minerals and antioxidants (Vitamins C and E). Great-tasting also means you won't forgo drinking while managing your race/training efforts.

- The coloration is solely due to natural ingredients within; no artificial coloring agents are added.

- Created from Louis Garneau's desire to offer a high-electrolyte replenishing formula in an all-natural recipe.

- Easy to assimilate and appreciate because the all-natural ingredients are on par with digestion under race effort.

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